WIP: Make download instructions more accessible

I have a few more stashed changes but want to first monitor what effect these have.


  • Removed purple background
  • Added steps
  • Increased font size and margins
  • Reorganized some links
  • Only show Centos specific warning when Centos is selected
  • Fixed one of the Google Analytics EE events being reported as CE

I took a look at the history of the downloads pages (EE: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/commits/master/source/downloads-ee/index.html.haml) and we had Google Analytics tracking (before June 2016) and then swapped to Marketo. Could this explain a drop in numbers when looking at GA. There are a few more tracking things I want to discuss with you.

I don't link the h1 title style, we can ask a designer for a nicer heading design.

Closes #1056 (closed)

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