Update sales demo to align more closely with enterprise buyers

Open Amara Nwaigwe requested to merge enterprise-sales-demo into master

I've made the following changes to the demo script to address the feedback we received in this doc

The changes were focused on

  • Adding more of a top level story that explains why integrated CI/CD is better. (this is in the new overview section that I suggest we start saying in our recorded demo to ensure that we are giving viewers context)
  • Adding an explanation to features that we show in the demo
  • Making certain a number of sections optional to focus our script on the things we think will most closely resonate with enterprises
  • Making the project permissions and workflow management section mandatory since most buyers are buying us to consolidate and control their source code

Some of the changes I made would require edits to the demo environment and to other sections in the script

  • The demo user should be an admin user so they have full control in the account
  • Since we agreed to make the ChatOps section optional we'll need another way to deploy to production. Should we edit the CI YAML file to add production as an environment? This would give us the opportunity to talk more about the strength of our CI/CD offering.
  • The review apps section only mention Kubernetes since we know k8s adoption is only just beginning should we mention some alternatives to running Review Apps on k8s. (No need to demo them but perhaps we should mention more common enterprise options.)

NICE TO HAVE: The demo would feel a lot smoother and more real if the demo environment was already setup and pre-filled with some things. Perhaps that is something we consider for a second iteration.