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  • "Evaluate people accurately, not "kindly" link: The principles by Ray Dalio are not on the linked website any longer but an excerpt of his principles can be found as PDF on his business website. Not sure if you wanted to link directly to that PDF so I added a link to the google search. First result shows the PDF version of the principles, including principle 100: Evaluate People Accurately, Not Kindly.
  • I also think his quote might be misunderstood. I don't think he means to evaluate people like a robot and do not treat them in a nice manner. Here's an interesting excerpt from the book where he explains his principles as well as the quote "Evaluate people accurately, not kindly" in a better way.

Here's a quote that stood out: "Your assessment of how Responsible Parties are performing should be based not on whether they’re doing it your way but on whether they’re doing it in a good way. Speak frankly, listen with an open mind, consider the views of other believable and honest people, and try to get in sync about what’s going on with the person and why. Remember not to be overconfident in your assessments, as it’s possible you are wrong."

  • Also fixed minor styling issues and typos.