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Update to Build OKR's to focus on cloud native GitLab chart

Joshua Lambert requested to merge 1674-update-to-build-okr-s into master

We have re-prioritized our efforts in Q4 to focus on delivering the cloud native GitLab chart this quarter. This is a large effort, and so has had impact to previous goals:

  • The gitlab-omnibus chart will stay in beta, and will only receive maintenance
  • Instant SSL via Let's Encrypt will slide out of Q4
  • We will not have any resources to allocate specifically on the AWS Quick start this quarter. However when time allows we will do our best to make progress, with a goal of submission to Amazon for review by EOY.
  • We will have very limited capacity to absorb upstream changes that are not otherwise planned

New Q4 goals:

  • Omnibus improvements:
    • Reconfigure output improvements (required so we can clearly announce deprecated features, errors, warnings, etc.)
  • Cloud native GitLab chart in beta
  • GitLab HA GA
  • AWS Quick Start submitted for review

Closes #1674 (closed)

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