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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • bug
    Issues that report undesirable or incorrect behavior
  • coach will finish
    Community contributions that have stalled, and need to be picked up by a merge request coach:
  • customer
    Issues that were reported by Enterprise Edition subscribers. This label should be accompanied by either the 'bug' or 'feature proposal' label
  • customer success
    Input from customer success team
  • customer+
  • deprecation
    Issues about deprecation of old features
  • devops
    Related to GitLab DevOps (CI, CD, Monitoring, Chat Ops, etc.)
  • direction
    Issues for important features that are on our roadmap:
  • epics
    Epic features as part of Discussion
  • Issues which are frequently duplicated, tracked for ease of finding duplicates.
  • i2p-on-gke
    Getting idea to production running on Google Container Engine
  • installation
  • issue boards
    Issues relating to the Issue Boards feature
  • issues
    Issues related to managing issues, including milestones and labels
  • kubernetes
    Interactions with Kubernetes
  • labels
    Issues related to the Labels feature on issues and merge requests: