Drop GFM support for issuable title on milestone

What does this MR do?

Drop GFM support for issuable title on milestone, which was introduced in 2012 (GitLab 3.1) and has made it inconsistent.

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Why was this MR needed?

  • To keep it consistent with other occurrences as GFM support is not introduced in any other occurrence of issuable title.
  • To keep it faster using link_to instead of link_to_gfm.
    • e.g., a milestone with ~ 100 issues on my local laptop (GDK): 25x faster (2228 ms -> 88 ms)

Screenshots (if relevant)

as is

#4 is linked.



#4 is not linked but just treated as plan text.


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Closes #34289 (closed)

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