Make the labels in the Compare form less confusing

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What does this MR do?

  • Improve the descriptive text
  • Rename "from" to "Target" and "to" to "Source"
  • Swap "Target" and "Source" to have the same order as in MRs
  • Reworded "Switch base of comparison" to "Swap versions"

Are there points in the code the reviewer needs to double check?

I didn't update the params name (i.e. from and to) as they're used in a lot of different context and they're not shown to the end-user in the compare page.

Why was this MR needed?

Because the page was confusing.

Screenshots (if relevant)

Before After
before0 after0
before1 after1
before2 after2
before3 after3

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Closes #21331 (closed)

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