WIP: Make sure head pippeline always corresponds with an MR

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  • need to check the case described in the issue comments

What does this MR do?

It does not update the head_pipeline of merge requests directly from Ci::CreatePipelineService but enqueues the update instead.

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Error handling in the worker

Why was this MR needed?

As described in the issue it can happen that the head pipeline of a merge request is set to the pipeline that is actually not the pipeline that should be associated to the merge request.

This can happen due to the following workflow:

  1. a user pushes a change
  2. GitPushService is called - from this service
  • UpdateMergeRequestsWorker job is enqueued
  • Ci::CreatePipelineService is executed
  1. inside Ci::CreatePipelineService
  • a new pipeline is created
  • head_pipeline_id of all merge requests that have the same source_project and source_branch as the created pipeline are updated to the id of the created pipeline
  1. head_pipeline can be updated before a merge request is refreshed from UpdateMergeRequestsWorker -> the merge request still references an old sha but associated pipeline already a new sha

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Closes #37354