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Streamline the content of notification emails

In notification emails, the actual content of the email is often buried under several blocks of chrome — and may even be truncated or completely missing. Ideally, the notification emails would be like real emails: a short message of meaningful text, sent from the author of the change that triggered the notification.

This MR includes the following changes to notification emails:

  • Remove much of the chrome (e.g. the "GitLab" header)
  • Emphasize the content (no more small, grayed-out content)
  • Add missing informations to the emails (issue description in "new issue" email, file name in "diff comment" email)
  • Add a consistent "View in GitLab" link in the footer
  • The assignee is displayed only if someone is assigned
  • Fix a rendering bug when viewing emails with Zimbra

We use these patches at Capitaine Train, and it has been a surprisingly big productivity boost for us.

Before and after

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