Fixed the UI to be more obvious.

Jacob Schatz requested to merge clearer-subscribe into master

Refactored the code to not have so many dependencies. Also uses camelCase now. Closes #16988 (moved)

Before I make this MR: There is 1 kind of inline style that is 100% legit in my book. That is display:none;. Here’s why: If you put a class on the element then you need to toggle the class. tying you to a class name. If you want to use jQuery hide and show then you need to initially hide it with JS If you do that then you will get a flicker of the element initially while the JS initializes. If you initially hide the element with JS anyway then it is going to put an inline style on the element so you might as well do it yourself. You could use toggle class but I don't think classes need be involved in such a simple situation of hiding and showing elements.



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