Optimize Banzai::Filter::RelativeLinkFilter

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Optimize Banzai::Filter::RelativeLinkFilter

A lot of git operations were being repeated, for example, to build a url you would ask if the path was a Tree, which would call a recursive routine in Gitlab::Git::Tree#where, then ask if the path was a Blob, which would call a recursive routine at Gitlab::Git::Blob#find, making reference to the same git objects several times. Now we call Rugged::Tree#path, which allows us to determine the type of the path in one pass.

Some other minor improvement added, like saving commonly used references instead of calculating them each time.

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Banzai::Filter::RelativeLinkFilter is snow

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Closes #18590 (closed)

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For testing I prepared a file with many relative (to the current and to the root) paths repeated many times. The requests took the following times:





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