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Replace static fixture by generated one in issue_spec.js

What does this MR do?

  • clean up issue_spec.js
  • introduce an alternative approach to #19445 (closed)
    • rename rake teaspoon to rake teaspoon:tests
    • introduce rake teaspoon:fixtures which generates fixtures using RSpec
    • introduce rake teaspoon which runs rake teaspoon:fixtures and rake teaspoon:tests

Why was this MR needed?

  • many duplications
  • missing existence checks
  • missing conditions
  • static fixtures don't match real views


I want to explain some of my decisions here, so that they stay visible for future discussions.

Why not HAML?

  • same number of HAML templates as number of fixtures (many input files)
  • embedded logic less readable
  • can not be rendered by JavaScript (because of inline Ruby)

Why RSpec?

  • real controllers for fixtures
  • spys available for mocking
  • easily report failed fixture generations

Why not magic_lamp? (#19445 (closed))

  • introduces another dependency/tool
  • needs to run a server concurrently to teaspoon
  • makes it harder to use a JavaScript test runner
  • static HTML files serve faster

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