Advanced cache

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Fixes #1993 (closed)

  • Build missing cache values in background job after each push
  • Store commit_count in project table. Refresh in background job
  • moved repository size calculation in background job


Every time push is triggered - we build cache for project even without user visiting project page. That means first visit is as fast as others now. This is especially good for active projects where people have some requests fast because of cache and some slow - because cache was build in their request.

Between cache expired and cache built we we had gap when Linux repo can give 502 error because calculation commits count takes 30 seconds or even more. Using value from database fix this problem. Before cache is updated you see old value from database. After - you see new one.

Basically this merge request is super win to GitLab. We don't do some heavy operations in user request but instead in background job.

Temporary problem

After this migration all projects will have 0 commits in database. It fill be replaced with real value on next push. I did not add recalculation to migration because it will last forever on big instances. Can be fixed by adding rake task which will go in background on live instance without downtime