WIP added zsh completion function

This adds a tab completion function for zsh.

The file is atm put at a more or less random location in the repository. After installation it should go to a location like /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/_gitlab_ci_multi_runner.

The suggestions are mostly obtained by copy&pasting the help messages of gitlab-ci-multi-runner. In some obvious places (like --kubernetes-ca-file) the completion continues and suggests file names or (for --working-directory) directory names.

I did not (yet) make sure if it makes sense to suggest --kubernetes* options after --docker* options have been provided.

The function follows the example of the yum completion in zsh.

to be done:

  • find a proper path to place the file and include in installation routine
  • verify if it makes sense to provide different executor options in registeror run-single
  • the help messages mostly say USAGE: command run-single [command options] [arguments...] but only explain command options. Therefore no arguments are suggested

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