Improve Repository Sync (with new SystemHook)

Gabriel Mazetto requested to merge 1463-improve-repo-sync into master

What does this MR do?

  • Adds an official repository_update event to the SystemHook
  • Remove left-overs from old implementation
  • Update existing SystemHooks associated with GeoNodes to switch to the new event.
  • Use Gitlab::ExclusiveLease to prevent concurrent operations in the same repository
  • New hook should be backward compatible with the Worker used with the temporary fix

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Documentation and backporting it to CE will be done in a separate MR.

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Closes #1463 (closed), #1493 (closed)

Related to gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#26325

CE Backport + Documentation: gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!11140

cc @stanhu @rspeicher @DouweM @dbalexandre

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