[WIP] CE 8-5-stable to EE 8-5-stable-ee

Closed username-removed-128633 requested to merge ce-8-5-stable-to-ee-8-5-stable-ee into 8-5-stable-ee

Unresolved conflict:

  • app/views/projects/milestones/show.html.haml

The problem is that the milestone/show view has changed in CE: Screen_Shot_2016-02-19_at_21.28.36

but in EE there was mention of the "total issues weight" in the "Issues" tab: Screen_Shot_2016-02-19_at_21.28.00

I don't know how to resolve this conflict since it requires a UI change... I think we could add (total weight: XX) before the YY% complete part.

Note: I don't think we'll actually merge this MR, I just need to know how to resolve this conflict.