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WIP: Resolve "Saved configuration for issue board"

Simon Knox requested to merge 2518-saved-configuration-for-issue-board into master

What does this MR do?

Saved config for issue boards - #2518 (closed)

Add an 'Edit board' button to EE Issue Boards to filter by Milestone, Assignee, Labels or Weight

Todo, approximately in order of importance


  • update milstone_select spec, add spec for other form elements
  • show placeholder text when board filters are applied


  • update assignee, labels and weight when adding an issue to a board (if they're present on the board)
  • update assignee, labels and weight when creating an issue within a list
  • when “Removing from board” (one issue), clean Assignee, Labels and Weight (if they're present on the board)
  • Check feature_available?(:scoped_issue_board) checks only filtering-out milestone_id param
  • Check if users and labels being returned on board config work accordingly for group boards
  • Remove author from board (will not go for this release)
  • Address comments


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Closes #2518 (closed)

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