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Fix 500 error while navigating to the `pages_domains` 'show' page.

username-removed-407765 requested to merge 1447-custom-domain-500 into master


  1. The path of the "pages_domains" show page is of the form 'group/project/pages/domains/<domain_name>'
  2. Rails looks at params[:id] (which should be the domain name), and finds the relevant model record.
  3. Given a domain like, Rails sets params[:id] to foo (should be, and sets params[:format] to bar
  4. This commit fixes the issue by adding a route constraint, so that params[:id] is set to the entire domain name.


  • [#1447 (closed)/!993 (merged)] Error 500 when showing details for a Pages custom domain
    • Investigate
      • Get GitLab CI working locally
      • Reproduce the issue
      • Check if related to !1448 (closed)
      • Why did this happen now?
    • Implementation
    • Tests
      • Added
      • Passing
    • Meta
      • CHANGELOG entry created
      • Documentation created/updated
      • API support added
      • Branch has no merge conflicts with master
      • Squashed related commits together
      • Check for clean merge with EE
      • Added screenshots
    • Review
      • Endboss
    • Wait for merge

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