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WIP: Refactor of Backfilling Mechanism

Patricio Cano requested to merge geo-repository-backfilling-mark-ii into master

Refactor of Backfilling Mechanism

  • No longer trigger from the primary
  • No API call required
  • Cron Job now schedules the backfilling straight from the secondary, and only there
  • Cron Jon runs once every 8 hours, can be adjusted via gitlab.yml
  • Geo Nodes can be disabled to stop all events/actions from happening. This includes backfilling, as well as project updates and all replication. DB replication will still happen, since that is handled by Postgres itself and not the Rails app


Screen_Shot_2016-12-22_at_11.39.15_AM Screen_Shot_2016-12-22_at_11.39.27_AM

Related to #1366 (closed)

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