Prioritized Labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

  • SL1
    Security Level 1 - Issues that present a critical security risk and must be patched before the next release
  • Scheduled
    Work that has been discussed and scheduled by the team. / omnibus-gitlab
  • Maintenance
    Change requests, eg. version upgrade of software, default configuration value change. / omnibus-gitlab
  • Internal
    Any work that is not customer/user facing. / omnibus-gitlab
  • Unscheduled
    Work that needs to be completed in a milestone but was not previously scheduled / omnibus-gitlab
  • Other Labels

  • AP1
    Availability/Priority Level 1
  • AP2
    Availability/Priority Level 2
  • AP3
    Availability/Priority Level 3
  • Accepting Merge Requests
  • Accepting Merge Requests / omnibus-gitlab
  • Amazon / omnibus-gitlab
  • Awaiting Feedback
    Feedback pending from the reporter / omnibus-gitlab
  • Azure / omnibus-gitlab
  • Backlog / omnibus-gitlab
  • Build
    Issues for the Build team. Covers everything related to the GitLab omnibus package:
  • CI/CD
    Issues for the CI/CD team. Covers everything related to GitLab CI, including Deploy, Pages and the container registry
  • CentOS6 / omnibus-gitlab
  • CentOS7 / omnibus-gitlab
  • Cloud Native / omnibus-gitlab
  • Community Contribution
    Issues that have been scheduled for an upcoming release and are actively being worked on by people from the community
  • Debian / omnibus-gitlab
  • Debian 8 / omnibus-gitlab
  • Deliverable
  • Dev Advocacy
    Feature proposals or bug reports, collected by developer advocates
  • Discussion
    Issues for the Discussion team. Covers Issues, Merge Requests, Markdown, etc