Fix double line endings is saved to log file

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I found some problem with my logfile.txt when opening it with Notepad++, shows:


As you can see, there are double line endings(CR + CRLF), then I found it's introduced when parsing the string. The code:

File: \src\TortoiseProc\ProgressDlg.cpp
Func: void CProgressDlg::WriteLog() const
Line: 650

		while (*psz_string)
			if (*psz_string == '\r')
			size_t i_len = wcscspn(psz_string, L"\n");
			logfile.AddLine(CString(psz_string, (int)i_len));
			psz_string += i_len;
			if (*psz_string == '\n')

If the original string is line1\r\nline2, the first line to be added into line list is line1\r. The extra CR is introduced.

This fixing does 2 things:

  • Make sure the string does't include CR or LF before calling AddLine() by correct i_len value.
  • Just simply strip a pair CR + LF or LF + CR if any.

And I just found the older log, even worst:


Empty line is strip! I can't reproduce it for now. 😕 Did you get that?