Ensure PendingIntents use explicit Intents

To work on issue #925 (closed), I checked for usages of each of the following methods:

  • PendingIntent#getActivity(Context, int, Intent, int)
  • PendingIntent#getActivity(Context, int, Intent, int, Bundle)
  • PendingIntent#getActivities(Context, int, Intent[], int)
  • PendingIntent#getActivities(Context, int, Intent[], int, Bundle)
  • PendingIntent#getBroadcast(Context, int, Intent, int)
  • PendingIntent#getService(Context, int, Intent, int)

Each of the calls to getActivity() and getService() are already explicit. There were four calls to getBroadcast() in NotificationHelper which have been refactored. Now they all explicitly specify NotificationBroadcastReceiver, which looks at the intents and then invokes a method on AppUpdateStatusManager.

I'd appreciate if someone else could double check that each of the PendingIntents used by F-Droid is now explicit (e.g. @grote).