Prioritized Labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

  • Next Patch Release
    Issues to put in the next patch release. Work on these first, and add the Pick Into Stable label to the merge request, along with the appropriate milestone.
  • Deliverable
  • bug
    Issues that report undesirable or incorrect behavior
  • Stretch
  • Other Labels

  • api
    Issues related to the GitLab API:
  • approvals
    Issues related to the Merge Request approvals feature:
  • artifacts
    Issues related to GitLab CI build artifacts:
  • authentication
    Issues related to authentication, including OAuth, LDAP, and SAML:
  • auto closed
    Relates to issues that have been closed in accordance with our issue triage policy and the discussion in issue #21769
  • auto devops / GitLab FOSS
  • auto updated
  • availability
    Issues impacting the availability of If they are urgent, they should be assigned to a developer, labelled P1, and put on the current milestone. / GitLab FOSS
  • awaiting feedback
    Issues that are blocked until more feedback is received from the reporter
  • award emoji
    Issues related to the Award Emoji feature on issues and merge requests.
  • backend
    Issues that require backend work
  • backstage
    Issues and merge request related to improvements like refactorings, tests, maintenance etc / GitLab FOSS
  • backup-restore
    Issues related to backing up and restoring GitLab: / GitLab FOSS
  • banzai
    Issues related to our GitLab Flavored Markdown rendering pipeline, Banzai:
  • blockchain
  • blocked
    Issues that are blocked until another issue has been completed / GitLab FOSS
  • breaking change
    A backwards-incompatible change that will need to be made with the next major release. / GitLab FOSS
  • ci variables
    Relates to functionality surrounding pre-defined and user-defined variables available in the Build environment / GitLab FOSS
  • ci-build / GitLab FOSS
  • coach will finish
    Community contributions that have stalled, and need to be picked up by a merge request coach: