Prioritized Labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

  • Next Patch Release
    Issues to put in the next patch release. Work on these first, and add the Pick Into Stable label to the merge request, along with the appropriate milestone.
  • Deliverable
  • bug
    Issues that report undesirable or incorrect behavior
  • Stretch
  • Other Labels

  • code review
    Issues related to improving the code review functionality of GitLab. / GitLab FOSS
  • container registry
    Issues related to GitLab Container Registry Expert / GitLab FOSS
  • convdev
    Issues related to GitLab's initiative to surface relevant data analytics to user in the area of Contribution Analytics and Conversational Development / GitLab FOSS
  • customer
    Issues that were reported by Enterprise Edition subscribers. This label should be accompanied by either the 'bug' or 'feature proposal' label
  • customer success
    Input from customer success team
  • customer+
  • cycle analytics
    Relates to the Cycle Analytics feature that was introduced in 8.12 / GitLab FOSS
  • data loss / GitLab FOSS
  • database
    Issues related to GitLab's (ab)use of its database / GitLab FOSS
  • deploy / GitLab FOSS
  • deprecation
    Issues about deprecation of old features
  • description templates
    Relates to the Description template feature introduced in 8.11 / GitLab FOSS
  • devops
    Related to GitLab DevOps (CI, CD, Monitoring, Chat Ops, etc.)
  • diff
    Issues related to the generation and display of commit, comparison and merge request diffs / GitLab FOSS
  • direction
    Issues for important features that are on our roadmap:
  • docs-article / GitLab FOSS
  • docs-comm-writer / GitLab FOSS
  • docs-fix / GitLab FOSS
  • docs-link
    Link to the documentation from the comparison and/or release post. / GitLab FOSS
  • docs-missing
    Issues with missing documentation. Technical Writing team to follow up with Development team. / GitLab FOSS