Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • UI polish
    Visual improvement(s) to the existing user interface
  • UX
    Issues for the UX team. Covers new or existing functionality that needs a design proposal
  • UX debt
    User experience improvement(s) that weren't fully implemented or could be refined after implementation
  • UX ready
    Issues where the UX has been worked through and is ready to be scheduled
  • UX research
    Issues that require UX reseach
  • UXmd
    This requires medium effort by UX
  • UXsm
    This requires small effort by UX
  • accessibility
    Issues with GitLab preventing screen readers and other accessibility tools from working correctly
  • admin dashboard
    Relates to Administrative features and components of GitLab
  • api
  • approvals
    Issues related to the Merge Request approvals feature:
  • artifacts
  • authentication
    Issues related to authentication, including OAuth, LDAP, and SAML:
  • auto closed
    Relates to issues that have been closed in accordance with our issue triage policy and the discussion in issue #21769
  • auto updated
  • awaiting feedback
    Issues that are blocked until more feedback is received from the reporter
  • award emoji
    Issues related to the Award Emoji feature on issues and merge requests.
  • backend
    Issues that require backend work
  • banzai
    Issues related to our GitLab Flavored Markdown rendering pipeline, Banzai:
  • blockchain