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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • merge requests
    Issues related to merge requests and code review
  • milestones
    ssues related to the Milestones feature on issues and merge requests:
  • performance
    Issues related to GitLab's performance
  • Portfolio management features as part of Discussion
  • potential proposal
    Label added by triage tools to mark interesting feature proposals for consideration
  • Bugs that result in support having to access the production Rails console or filesystem to fix.
  • roadmaps
    Roadmap view features as part of Discussion
  • scope1val1
    asdf asdf asda
  • scope1val2
  • security
    Issues related to the security of GitLab or its dependencies. Please report vulnerabilities responsibly per
  • service desk
    Issues related to the Service Desk feature
  • slash commands
    Issues relating to the Slack slash commands feature released in 8.15:
  • static analysis
    Issues and merge requests related to static analysis: Rubocop, Flay, HAML-lint, SCSS-lint, ES-lint, Brakeman, License finder, Config-lint, Bundle audit.
  • stewardship
    For issues related to the stewardship of GitLab
  • support request
    Used for tracking the number of Support Request on the Issue Tracker